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Detox to Energize!

March 23, 2019

Detox to Energize!

How Detoxing Affects Your Energy

Water intake and the function of our bowels, liver and gallbladder affects detoxification and the absorption of nutrients that are vital for energy:

  • Most B-vitamins are made by the good bacteria in the intestines. ***Indigestion, bloating and sluggish bowels are indications that nutrient absorption and production are low.
  • Any antibiotic will destroy the normal bacteria in the intestines.
  • Constipation (moving bowels less than 2 times a day) is well known to be associated with low energy and productivity.
  • Heartburn and heartburn medications (such as Pepcid, Prilosec, etc) decrease absorption of B-12.
  • Tissue pH less than 7.0 increases dysfunction of all energy producing metabolic pathways and decreases oxygenation and therefore energy

How to Detox for Energy

First step should be to ensure you are drinking 100 ounces a day of mineralized water.

Wellness Drink

Every morning, set aside a pitcher with your entire water supply for the day (avoid plastic). Add one lemon and 92-mineral pink salt (to mineralize) to taste. Add/substitute coconut water for more mineralization.


**Measure urine pH in the morning to assure it is >6.7.


Since the function of our bowels affects the absorption of nutrients, correction of gastric symptoms is a must.

1. Include PureBiotic probiotics (that cover upper and lower intestines) and Probiozyme enzymes for digestion with every meal. As heart burn resolves, medications can be reduced.

2. Address constipation through dietary increase in fiber, water intake and mineral salts (such as pink salt) and supplements (such as magnesium and cleansing formulas).
3. Address refined flours, preservatives, plastics, EMF, skin/body products and water and air quality.

***Do not attempt to detoxify the body or remove viruses and parasites until energy and sleep are improved, since this often results in deterioration.