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Pregnenolone 60 caps

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  • Supports Adrenal Insufficiency, Energy and Memory

    Pregnenolone is often referred to as the “mother hormone” since it is the first hormone at the top of the cascade that makes progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, testosterone and all estrogens. It’s role in the adrenal-cortisol pathway includes supporting a wide range of functions including memory, cognition, immune function, joints and energy.*

    Pregnenolone belongs to a group of neurosteroids (like DHEA, DHEA-S, and progesterone) that are in high concentrations in certain areas of the brain. These protect the nerve cells and enhance myelination. Pregnenolone is lipophilic and crosses the blood-brain barrier to support memory and cognition.*

    In clinical practice, when serum pregnenolone levels are in the lowest quartile before 8 AM, consideration should be given to full adrenal support which includes:

    • reducing physical and mental stressors,

    • supplementation with pregnenolone 50-100 mg,

    • optimizing all hormones including thyroid,

    • assessing nutrient status and

    • detoxifying with 100 ounces of mineralized water

    I have found pregnenolone to be a life-saver for patients who have low serum levels and adrenal dysfunction. Once the adrenal function is recovered, patients can reduce and discontinue supplementation.*

    This is a fully vegan formula.*

    Standard Dosage is 50 mg in AM and/or PM depending on individual effects and as directed by your healthcare provider.

    For a full understanding of optimizing energy, watch “Tired of Being Tired”

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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