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MD Prescriptives QA/QC Practices

We at MD Prescriptives hold the quality of our supplements as our top priority.

To insure that our valued customers are getting the highest quality products, we are providing here our comprehensive check-list policy:

  1. All our contract manufacturers (CMs) must complete and verify by their signature a comprehensive 11-page Vendor's Compliance check-list that they are performing according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with each and every lot of product they manufacture for us.
  2. All CMs must have up-to-date ISO certifications and provide MD Prescriptives a copy of valid certificates.
  3. All products are manufactured in third-party certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facilities. We keep a copy of their constantly updated certificate on hand at all times.
  4. In all products, we insist from our CMs they place an overage amount of 5% to 10% of active ingredients per serving. This ensures ingredient amounts per serving slightly exceed our labeled potencies.
  5. We require and receive with each lot a signed Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from our CMs.
  6. All CoAs must state all ingredients are non-GMO. Alternatively, separate certificates may be sent to us in place of this added CoA line item.
  7. In order to "ensure" that each of our products is verified for ingredient(s) identification and quantity per serving, we require our CMs to either supply us with a signed copy of their Master Batch Record which pertains to our specific lot number purchase matching to the CoA, or we require an 8 point summary of the same on the signed CoA.
  8. We require notification of any inspection results our CM may have recently undergone, including FDA inspections and their outcomes. 
  9. This way MD Prescriptives can ensure that: 
    1. devices used to identify ingredients were attended by 
    2. a specific technician and that 
    3. the device(s) is/are up-to-date as to scheduled re-calibrations to assure accuracy; plus 
    4. the methodology used to confirm the quantity of ingredient per serving claim, 
    5. the specific technician who performed the analysis, 
    6. signed, and 
    7. dated.
  10. To Review and Approve these above processes our CMs perform, on a 24-month schedule we send out one of our trained quality assurance officers to visit each of our CMs and confirm their procedures and standards meet with MD Prescriptives.
  11. Finally, we maintain written and signed assurances that MD Prescriptives products are manufactured without the added fillers, preservatives or other flow agents as we advertise on each and every MD Prescriptives label from each of our CMs.